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After 15 years of owning one’s consultancy company and have previously worked for a big US multinational prior to that, travel has been part of my life. Put it another way, it is part of the routine to not just get up on a Monday morning, but to get up in another city, figure out a routine, get settled and then most importantly deliver for the client in questions … locations have varied from London to Kuala Lumpur … from Los Angeles to Hong Kong and from Helsinki to Cape Town in South Africa … throw constant visits to the USA, Middle East, Africa, Asia and throughout Europe and you get my drift … it has been busy and rewarding.

In all of this, the seat of choice was via some of my favorite airlines ranging from Aer-Lingus, British Airways, Emirates and KLM … and they have offered my everything from the first-class down to row AA+. I have to say that I have been taken care of as, and at times acknowledged for my regular patronage from these fine folks across the world. But does their first class seat beat the first-class seat offered by my own couch (with those that I care for round me)? The simple answer in my mind is that it does not and it never will.

As I approach the half-century on my age scale, I have tried to reduce my punishing schedule of travel and take on a most hermit outlook on life. What this really means, is trying to reduce the travel more, be home more, and most importantly be around for the family-events in life that really matter. But by giving up my airline seat and buy my first class seat on my couch, I have gained so much more than just access to those around me.

Here are some of the top five benefits of having less time in the air and more time on the ground:

  • Better Time Management – Due to the reduced travel, I can now actually get things done and be proactive with my workload … I am on top of paperwork, client communications, the dreaded email backlog and even I am on-top of the pile of work that we tend to call ‘new business’ or ‘new projects’.
  • Proactive on personal decision making – Making decisions regarding my work and personal life is now given more space and time. This is beneficial as I now feel I am top on current issues, rationale behind decision and even I can pre-empt what can do wrong and how to prevent it. There is an immense pleasure in being on top of issues and situations and not looking up like a ton of bricks is going to hit one.
  • Increased Focus – It is more likely that I can now do my job but also do my job really well during the workday hours and not the ‘work evening’ hours. It is amazing to see how when minds are working and their focus is at its peak, more work can be completed and they need not worry about meeting commitments on family and work. This has now become my reality is where I can have more space and focus to do what I should be doing.
  • Personal Well Being – Last by no means least is the personal well-being. Instead of spending hours on the move and sitting in my airline seat, I can use this time to start work and finish early and enjoy the comforts of my own home. This for me, lessens the stress of work and gives more time to rest and exercise. It is often believe that less stress can reduce the risks for medical conditions and allows individuals to have healthier lives and this I fully agree with.

The reduction in travel does not mean the reduction in work … what it means is the balance of work and life to give more time to oneself. So, do I miss my first class airline seat. I really do not as my first class seat on my couch is far better. Does it mean, I have eliminated travel entirely, not all at … please remember Turlon’s head office is in Dublin and travel is part of our fabric but we are trying to manage it more proactively and everybody involved in


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