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We are getting more and more queries about how a Project Management Professional (PMP)® Preparation Course and ultimately how the certification itself can help a career. We, at Turlon & Associates, have been running PMP® Preparation Courses for over 14 years and in this time we have come across different views, expectations and needs but the question still remains, what is the value of the PMP® Certification. Just to set a little expectation, look at the number of PMP® Certificate holders there are worldwide compared to the other Project Management Institute Certifications (this data is as of Sept 2017):

  • Number of Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certificate holders is at the figure of 790,148 people
  • Number of Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® Certificate holders is 34,062 people
  • Number of Program Management Professional (PgMP)® Certificate holders is 2,027 people
  • Number of PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP)® Certificate holders is 1,733 people
  • Number of PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)® Certificate holders is 4,247 people
  • Number of PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® Certificate holders is 17,241 people
  • Number of Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP)® Certificate holders is 461 people
  • Number of Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA)® Certificate holders is 1,657 people.

So what does this mean? Well the obvious is the popularity of the PMP® Certification but maybe the less obvious is that the PMP® certification is not a distinguishing mark on an individual’s resume. It is a case of acquiring this certification is simply a case of catching up with big brother.

So what will the PMP® Certification actually do for you? Here is our list of benefits from the certification:

  • The Certification is needed for your Resume: – PMP® certification can certainly beef up a resume but it will not make the difference between getting a job as a project manager and being passed over in favour of someone else. However, it does provide a status point to what you do and the pride you take in your work. By having the certification it shows your and perspective organisation that you value the role of project management and have taken time out to solidify this with a dedicated project management certification
  • It shows you know the Jargon: – When you deal with clients, knowing the jargon of project management is a must. The value is not impressing the client but rather ensuring you are working with them on the same level. By having the PMP® Certification, it will give you this kudos with your clients and external project members.
  • It does not get you more money but does get you more opportunity: – Having PMP certification does not really get you a higher salary compared to those project managers who are not certified. Maybe this was the case when the PMP® was less popular but it does open more doors and more opportunity with employers, clients and sponsoring organisations. It is better to have when needed rather than seek when required.
  • It shows a commitment to what you do: – You have spent time and effort to get the PMP® certification, which means that you somewhat committed to project management as a profession. Even if they don’t plan to have the title of project manager, you are showing an understanding of the importance of PMP certification as a step forward. This in itself tells an important story.

So does the PMP make you a better project manager, increase your salary and make the endless tasks disappear. I am afraid not but it does show you are committed, knowledgeable and in tune with what is happening with project management as a profession.

At Turlon & Associates and during our own PMP® Preparation Courses we attempt to focus on three things:

  1. How to use Best Practice Project Management in your field
  2. The jargon and terms
  3. And yes, how to pass the exam

We wish you luck in your PMP® journey and if you are one of the 790,148 people who are PMP® Certified, we wish you equally well.

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