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There is nothing new with this question; should an agile approach be adopted or should be leverage our Waterfall knowledge. Irrespective of the question, we still tend to see high IT project failure rate (around the 50% mark), and the lack of clarity arounds objectives and milestones is the number one reason cited for the failure. Our belief is simple, one way or another all companies are essentially tech companies in some way, shape or form. And because of this we should be open to Agile as a philosophy of how to organise and deliver. Every company talks digital, every company talks transformation and every company talks change and for this reason, every company should talk Agile.

Both Waterfall and Agile both have their place within project management. Indeed, depending on the size and scope of the project, they may be used in tandem. There are projects where Agile makes better sense to use and the same can be said for Waterfall. But, it may not always be easy to determine when to use which. The guide below will give you a brief set of items to evaluate for deciding when to use one versus the other (or both). For more information, reach out to us on https://www.turlon.com/contact/

The checklist can be found here Waterfall-or-Agile-Checklist

Best of luck to you from all the team at Turlon & Associates 

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