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The Certificate Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) is one of the Project Management Institutes premier Project Management Certifications. It is aimed at those that are entering into the project management market and looking for something to show competence but also to get on to the project management ladder. A lot of folks ask the question, is it worthwhile or should I get the experience in project management and then move on to the more prestigious certifications. Our simple answer is that all and any certification is prestigious and is worthwhile to have. So yes, it is of value!.

The role of the Project Manager is to lead the team and is responsible for achieving the project objectives. This sphere of influence should cover:

  • The Project and the leadership of the team
  • The organisation and the demand on the resources and funding
  • The industry and the trends in development and understanding

The professional discipline and the continuing knowledge transfer and acquisition is highly important and this is where the CAPM® certification proves to be really worthwhile. The project management technical skills are the core skill set of project management but there are other skill sets that are equally important: –

  • Technical Project Management – Having a technical acumen is very important to the success of a PM. Non-technical PM’s rely heavily on SME’s and Architects to help them understand requirements.
  • Strategic and Business Management – It is important that PM’s have both a strategic and industry knowledge about the business they are in. Have a true understanding of your company’s business objectives. Find ways to improve on processes and improvements to the company’s bottom line.
  • Leadership involves Dealing with people and understanding the following elements for project management:
    • The Qualities and Skills of a Leader
    • Being able to navigate through political situations
    • Understanding various forms of leadership styles
    • Understanding and listening to different personalities
    • Being able to differentiate between management and leadership

So in simple terms, the CAPM® certification gives you’re the qualities / knowledge to be able to integrate all parts of the project in order to direct and manage the team. Does this sound a worthwhile characteristic to have … we certainly think so and it lays the foundation for what comes along in your professional career.

To undertake the exam, there are certain rules and guidelines that you should be familiar with and here are some of them:

  1. Firstly, you must document your project training and / or experience. Submit the 23 hours of training experience to
  2. Within roughly 1 week, you will be asked for payment and more or less immediately get an eligibility number. You are now ready to take the exam.
  3. Exam Sites (multiple Prometric / VUE Pearson locations) are widely available to schedule the exam itself
  4. CAPM® Exam Guidelines
    • 150 four-option multiple-choice questions
    • 15 questions are pre-test and do not qualify for testing
    • Examinee’s are to obtain a score of 83 out of 135 in order to pass the examination.
    • The target should be 98 out of 150

So now you have everything you need to pursue the CAPM® and we would fully recommend you going for this. Don’t hesitate and make it happen.

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