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Starting a blog post with a set of questions, is generally a way of saying, that we are looking for opinions rather that providing insight … but here are the questions. How well are you doing in terms of delivering value to your customers? It is a pretty standard question when it comes to dealing with people who are using your product or service. So how would you define satisfaction or customer success? Is it about getting the customer excited for what you are doing, is it revenue focused like any good sales process or maybe it is focused on knowing what the customers value add is? Last question, does it excite you to satisfy the customer and meet / exceed expectations or are you looking for more? A lot of questions, but the answers to these questions underpin your WOW … or what is referred to as your Way of Working (WoW). Let’s embrace our WoW to make a difference and perform in the best way we can.

How about we change the way we do business, how about we raise the bar and instead of satisfying every person, we use our WoW to WoW them. We embrace a way of working that with provide our customers with more than a product, it will provide service, efficiencies and a way of embrace customer satisfaction. Why not embrace words such as commitment, friendliness and helpfulness so that customers are blown away. If that sounds like it’s something worth trying, let us talk a little bit more about ways of using your WoW to WoW other people.

When you look at your own Way of Working there are a few things that are imperative to making it work:

  • We should look to other teams, business and individuals to understand how they work and take that as a benchmark in how we should work.
  • The WoW will evolve over time, it is not about the now but about what we can learn from the now to understand how to adapt and improve.
  • Adopt what you consider to be the best for you. On one side learn from others, but it is about how you position yourself and you team to embrace the challenges ahead.

Your WoW is not written down for you and it needs to be worked on and adapted for the various environments we exist in. As somebody said to me recently, if you WoW becomes predictable then it means you are not trying hard enough.

To adopt a Way of Working that can suit your style and adapt to your needs, here are some of the factors that you may need to take into account:

  1. Analyse the Context: – Look at the environment you work in, the size of the team, the nature of the customer you deal with and the complexities that you encounter
  2. Select a Structure for Delivery: – Look at the method and framework you will use to deliver to your customer, what is the best fit, agree on the language to use. Provide the Method of Working (MoW) and an understanding of what this looks like.
  3. Connect the Team to the Structure: – Look at where you, your team and your customers fit into the structure. How do how you are going to embrace the structure, where is the information, how do you see realisation
  4. Learn and Adapt: – As you begin to work, look at what it working and not working. Choose what is best and remove what is a liability. Focus on leveraging off your strengths and embrace the positives.
  5. Never say No to WoW: – Be eagled eyed for improvements. Continue to elicit feedback and focus on continuous learning for you, your team and your customers. Never sit comfortably and think it is all going well. Encourage continuous learning.

Sometimes it is about going back to basics and looking at how we structure ourselves and how this is adopted by the customers we work with. To WoW others with your WoW, focus on the basics of what you do and learn / adapt from this.

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