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We have not yet come across that single ideal book, but we have encountered several that have many of these sought-after characteristics in a combination of sorts. Here is a recommendation of seven books about project management in general rather than a book about a single area. It is a list that the beginning or more accomplished project manager can quickly use, but also a selection that can help review and remind the experienced professional of the fundamentals. We do believe that this is a mix of theory, practice, reference, experience, templates, and perspective that will is valuable for all.

The order of the list is going from introduction to application. Naturally, we do assume that there are other guides, text and books that are equally valuable and would certainly appreciate your feedback on this. Please do give us any and all feedback through the following link

So here is out list from introduction, to reference, to organisational and to applied project management:

Introduction Books

  • James Lewis; Fundamentals of Project Management, Second Edition, Amacon Books
  • Eric Verzuh; The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management, Wiley; 4 edition

Project Management Books

  • Project Management Institute; A Guide to the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK), PMI Publication
  • James P. Lewis; Mastering Project Management, McGraw-Hill Professional Book Group
  • Joan Knudson, Joan Knutson & Ira Bitz; Project Management: How to Plan and Manage Successful Projects, Amacon Books
  • Stephen Barker and Rob Cole; Brilliant Project Management: What the best project managers know, do, and say, FT Press

Organisation Development Books

  • Peter M. Senge; The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of The Learning Organization, Doubleday & Company
  • Laurie J. Mullins; Management and Organisation Behaviour, Prentice Hall

Advanced Project Management Books

  • Harold Kerzner; Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling, Wiley, John & Sons
  • Scott Berkun; Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management, O’Reilly Media

This is about giving options and not prescribing a list of ‘must-reads’. In actual fact a lot of these books are reference guide, so don’t be prepared for a page turning novel with this reference list.

There are a ton of resources out there to help any project manager level up their skills and there is no shortage of books on the subject of project management. So how do you pick where to start? It helps to select books that are appropriate to your level of expertise and experience in project management and then use it as  reference guide rather than a text. As we look at this list, we whittled it down and sorted it to ensure that these are books that can impact on your career and move you forward. We hope you enjoy this list and feel free to send you feedback to

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