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As the Social Media giants of Facebook and Google continue their dominance of the global digital advertising market, it is shown that 2017 has shown accelerated growth with figures showing Google likely to make $72.69 billion in advertisement revenues. On the other hand Facebook will make $33.76 billion during 2017. Together, that equates to nearly 50% of advertisers total global spend. Likewise Snapchat is set to make more money from advertising this year, growing its revenues to $900 million. These are invariably the Big Three Digital hub s for 2017 / 2018 and why not get on board.

So what does this all means, simple really digital advertisement and in turn social media is here and is becoming more part of our existence as we progress. So project management should stand up and take stock of this. Not necessarily take on the game of digital advertisement but rather the game project advertisement using digital technology. Digital advertisement also called internet advertising or internet marketing is when businesses leverage digital / internet technologies to deliver promotional advertisements to consumers. Whereas project advertisement is about using digital technologies in a creative approach to interacting with those around us.

For example one way to collect project-related information, as well as to keep tabs on your project and share its progress with the rest of your team is to make use of social media platforms. Why not use what we have at our disposal to be more interactive and creative with information and data. Let us admit to one fact, people will have more interest in looking at the various digital platforms of Facebook, google and snapchat than looking at the Gantt charts, dashboard or lengthy document. So the question that I pose to project managers, is can we leverage digital technology to promote, communicate and engage with? The simple answer is YES and here is now to go about it:

  1. Email Campaigns is the first stop-off point. It works very well because creating and maintaining mailing lists is easy and we all have good guidelines for building these lists. The project is in control of the information to be sent and the initiation of it. Creating a distribution list and developing an email campaign can immediately raise awareness. Sharing news about your projects and their successes on social media is opening up the news to a bigger audience. This adds huge potential value to your email campaigns by pushing your message out into a broader network of people and organisations.
  2. Create a Facebook page or Snapchat account and start to share project successes on these pages. Get the community on board and get the level of interest up. Be creative in how you post and when you post and hopefully you will see the results in Likes and Retweets and Shares. All of these reach a much wider population than verbal and email methods of communication alone. With some strategic planning you can make the most of your social media sharing opportunities:
    • Posting engaging content that targets your audience. Ask yourself: “What can I provide that adds value to my audience?” and “What difference will the news make to the community?” Then try and post varied, interesting and informative content.
    • Trend-jacking is a great way to get added exposure. Start by looking at what’s trending both in your area and worldwide; then see if your project relates in some way or can get involved. Using relevant hashtags to join the conversation allows you to reach new audiences.
    • Sharing testimonials allows you to share other people’s opinions of your project with your audience.
    • Share behind the scenes photos by giving your audience a glimpse into experience that you have had with your project.
  3. Log with a Blog is a motto we use a lot. Get the project to describe and present the ongoing of the project through a blog but remember the following:
    • Provide regular updates.
    • The Blog should load quickly and easy to read.
    • Have a built-in project management focus and don’t divert off to other topics
    • Provide useful insights and knowledge. Don’t repeat content or present irrelevant content

Social media advertising is an important step in promoting and communicating a project and if done correctly can reap huge returns. Running both custom content allows the project to target your ideal audience with one post / update. Then from there launch the SharePoint and project portals.


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