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And now on to the title of the post, if you are thinking of doing the Program Management Professional (PgMP)® Exam, you are most likely struggling to get good questions. We, at Turlon & Associates, are the solution to your question drought problem. Currently we have over 300 sample questions available to you and here are a sample of them:

Question: – Jessica, an experienced program manager for the government, is assigned to a program that ultimately will help jobless citizens who are retirement eligible, but desire to work, find meaningful employment or volunteer positions. The program is based on reliable studies that show of those who are retirement eligible and remain gainfully employed or volunteer, the average life span is significantly longer and the quality of life is significantly higher than those who do not remain gainfully employed or volunteer. Jessica finished up the program stakeholder identification activity, and is trying to establish metrics in order to measure the success of the program and the satisfaction of the stakeholders. Which of the following is probably the least relevant success measure for this program?

  1. Average life span of the participants of the program versus overall average for similar demographics
  2. Increase in the economic growth generated through the program
  3. Average retirement age in the communities served by the program
  4. Level of satisfaction with the program expressed by the participants

Answer: – 2

Explanation: – Measuring stakeholder satisfaction is specific knowledge in Program Management. Since this is a public facing program, the success metrics relate more to the welfare and satisfaction of the communities served, rather than on pure economic growth considerations. The success measures are more tailored towards stakeholder expectation management.

Question: – You are managing a program with a long duration for the water management district in your county. At this time, it is scheduled to last nine years, but you believe the timeline could even be longer. You have seven projects in your program at this time, and you are only in year two. You and your program management team need to analyse any environmental or legislative changes during execution that may affect your program. At which stage of the program is this activity carried out?

  1. Benefits identification phase
  2. Program delivery phase
  3. Program setup phase
  4. Benefits realisation phase

Answer: – 2

Explanation: – The Program Delivery Phase includes activities performed to produce the intended results of each component in accordance with the program management plan

  • Component Authorisation and Planning involves the initiation of components based on the organisations specific criteria (part of the governance plan) and individual business case which is developed for each component
  • Component Oversight and Integration involves the provision of status and other information to the program manager and to their associated components so efforts may be integrated and coordinated with the overall program activities
  • Component Transition and Closure is where the transition to operations is supported through a set of ongoing activities

Question: – On your new 797 program, you have a larger number of stakeholders than did your counterpart program manager on the 787.  You have reviewed all the lessons learned from the work done on the 787 as you are determined this time that the 797 will be in service before the scheduled date. However, the 797 uses new technology, and you have different subcontractors than those of the 787.  There is even greater interest from people inside the organisation, external to the organisation, and there are more suppliers than before. You are working actively to identify early all the key stakeholders and prepare and follow a stakeholder engagement review. To date, you find the stakeholder’s major interests are in the program’s benefits. However, the program is progressing as planned. You have decided to conduct an overall review of the program’s benefits during the:

  1. Execution phase
  2. Program Delivery phase
  3. Program Closing phase
  4. Program Setup phase

Answer: – 3

Explanation: – There are five sections to Benefit Delivery: –

  • Benefit Identification to (Program definition phase) define the objectives and critical success f
  • actors for the program.
  • Benefit Analysis and Planning (Program definition phase) to establish the benefit management plan by defining and prioritising the program components and their interdependencies.
  • Benefit Delivery (Program delivery phase) for the activities that make up program delivery which includes monitoring the organisational environment, program objectives and benefit realisation plan to ensure that program remains aligned.
  • Benefit Transition (Program delivery/ closure phase) to verify that the integration, transition and closure of the program and its components meet or exceed the benefit realisation criteria.
  • Benefit Sustainment (Program closure phase) for the planning for the operational, financial and behavioural changes necessary be program recipients to continue monitoring performance.

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