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One of the greatest things about freelancing is being able to make my own rules – I don’t like the idea of having to be at the same place at exactly the same time every day. Being flexible with times and routines helps me feel that I am challenging myself and making things happen. If I want to work from home in the morning, or come into the office later, I can do that. So while there is a great sense of freedom in having a diverse and sometimes unbalanced schedule, I do miss the routine and the stability. Very often routine present results, the case in point is the repetitive nature of certain industries do deliver results but do they deliver innovation? Whereas diversity may not be a result driven trait but certainly focuses on the innovation and entrepreneur mind that we all love to admire. It’s a comforting admission – given I have the same feeling about my own schedule, but it also speaks to an idea that perhaps it’s possible to remain productive and engaged throughout our days without the limitation of a routine.

So the simple question of this post, is do you prefer the shackles of routine or the excitement of diversity. The genuine answer is possibly a mixture but it there was the steadiest routine from 9 to 5 each day or the shambolic upheaval of a day, which would you prefer? It is hard for me to break habits for some and as we get older and progress in careers it can be even worse. Whereas, for the new kids on the blocks, is it easier to break habit as possibly the norm of routine and habits don’t exist. For example, how many of us have taken habits and routines with ease, including having that cup of coffee / tea each morning, and winding down with some level of relaxation each night. On the other hand, as we fall into the realms of diversity, how many of us crave the polar opposite when it comes to routine. As we at society and our profession in today’s terms, we need to accept the diverse approaches but also to understand that we have our own desire and that desire is one that is very difficult to break / change.

Routines may not be for everyone and this is reality, there are some folks that the thought of even being constrained is not very pleasant and that constraint can lead of frustration and in a lot of cases stress and anxiety. The thoughts of what am I doing with my life come to mind as much as the acknowledgement as the need for change. When a person craves diversity, a sense of routine or commitment doing the same thing every day would horrible. The same can be said for those that crave routine, but let’s be honest, it is a lot easier to develop a routine in life. For example, having a cup of tea as you arrive into the office is routine and this stabilises and give us a norm.

On the other hand, routine can help meet other emotional purposes as the feeling of control is for some people a must have. What about the following, if I am in control of my time and that I am doing my best, being good and dutiful, does that feel better than random actions? The desire for routine comes for a need for control, to be timetabled and more importantly the feeling to accomplishment in delivering on one’s actions.

So if there was a barometer of 1 to 100 … where 1 is routine and 100 is diversity, where would you sit and why? Do you crave the regime and because society is generally routine drive, such as timetables, opening / closing schedules, etc. … do you fit nicely into to this or do you rebel? Not rebel against the routine but rebel against you need for something different. When we establish routine and constantly strive, plot and plan our perfect lives for the future, what we are we really doing? Are we short-changing ourselves and minimizing the opportunities we can get from a path of change, diversity and ultimately innovation. The choice is really yours and where-ever we are, we do have that choice.

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