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Every company will go through a difficult period of business, and some may even experience a full-blown bust-up. During the last number of number of weeks and month, the landscape of our business has changed and with this comes a need to re-focus and re-build. A lot of our service industry (or people contact) businesses have come to a full halt; in some case temporarily and in other cases it may be the end. To pinpoint the reason is easy but now, within our businesses, we really have two options … accept the consequence or re-direct the business to a new horizon? The new horizon requires effort and a new focus and this article is about some of the lessons we have learnt in doing this.

Businesses are defined by their response to a crisis, dealing with it effectively and quickly. Many individuals really do not know what the outcome may be but to understand that we actually need a different pathway. And this pathway is, in our case, a total rebuilding of our business model. When rebuilding our business, there are FOUR major lessons that we have learnt and taken on board to move forward:

  • Lesson 1: – Don’t Hang on to the Past; the first thing we attempted to do was to address the situation and those who are affected. There is no point to looking to the past of what was and was not done. This situation was not made of an error to do with customers, or leaked information. Our promise was to look to the future on what we could / can achieve rather than look to the past on what we lost or failed to achieve.
  • Lesson 2: – Regain Customer Trust is a key component of building any business and keeping consumer trust is only the next step in moving forward. There is a fear of the future and our mantra is to keep a normality and not instill any further fear. There is no doubt that this works and it can be very effective, however our aim is also to think outside of the box. For us, it is about re-building the strong relationships that we have and not taking these for granted plus building new ones.
  • Lesson 3: – Raise Positive Awareness. With any crisis follows an outbreak of negative news. Before you know it, Google will be flooded with reports of the events that took place. The best way to bounce back from this is to raise positive stories about the company. Whether this be through our own blog or putting on various events, it is about getting good events up andrunning that divert the negativity.
  • Lesson 4: – Plan for the Future. After dealing with any negative event in the best possible way, it is important to start thinking about the future. Often, businesses will look to rebrand, almost starting from scratch. Our brand will remain the same, our products will remain the same but how we offer our existing products have changed. We now offer products on a new platform in a new way. Having new designs for clothing, a new brand logo or new strategies will all bring a lease of new life to the company. Change is often overlooked as a negative, however if the crisis has taken a huge hit on the business, a change is for the best. There is no need to change everything, but change is necessary and this should drive the future.

Bringing the team together to discuss future possibilities will allow for the sharing of ideas. As a business owner, asking those around you for their thoughts on the situation and how they would look to the future, can create inspiration and with everyone onboard, the process can be a real positive

We, in Turlon & Associates, wish you the very very best in your journey. Stay positive, look to the future and above all trust in those around you. We believe in you and that means you should believe in yourself to come through this in a better way.

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