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The confidence can often start with … ‘we found out this item on the project, and we worked to understand the solution before reporting it out’. Nothing wrong here you might say but there is a reality of where, as a project manager, we have to be confident with our instinct. There are many times we need to be able to stand up and say what is needed without having all the data available. What is this … in one simple word it is confidence. We are look for this characteristic, it is times called being ‘bold’, other times called ‘belief’ but ultimately is focused on being able to represent what you believe in with doubt.

When you’re confident in your abilities, you stop focusing on yourself and acquire the energy to tune into people around you which means excelling at the relationship side of things. Based on some research and conversation, here are some of the tips and tricks to build confidence as a project manager:

  1. Get to know Your business: – One of the biggest factors that can lead to a lack of confidence is the feeling that you are not able to speak with authority to those around you. As a result, you might not want to speak, challenge or become involved in subjects outside your area. To overcome this, learn as much as you can about the business and the subject matter you work with. Ask questions, become involved or even better take ownership of items outside your comfort zone. Don’t be shy, improving your business knowledge can have a tremendous impact on performance and confidence.
  2. Take on a ‘Can Do Attitude’: – It’s too easy to focus on the negative and what you think is missing. By focusing on the negative can hamper what you do and ultimately hamper your confidence. Challenge yourself to see the positives and what you have to bring to the table. At the project side, re-enforce the great things that have been achieved and take credit yourself for the things that went well. Don’t be afraid to stand up and say well-done as much as standing-up and taking responsibility for what has gone on.
  3. Take time out for yourself to remove the ‘Noise Barriers’: – Confidence is a state of mind that
  4. can be created and maintained if you’re mindful and put yourself in the right state. You can do that by creating a space in your day where to be mindful of what you do well. Imagine yourself in conversations and see yourself behaving in a natural and confident way. Attempt to instill that positive and proactive approach to your work-ethic that can drive a confidence in how things are done.
  5. Seek Positivity: – Another great way to improve your confidence is to get exposed to positive people, mentors and coaches who will support you and encourage you to keep going. Nothing boost confidence more that seeing confidence in action … this can be by attending events, seeking that mentor that exudes confidence, working with those outside your environment that you admire. Become part of positivity by surrounding yourself with it.

Nothing boosts confidence like possessing the right skills and then turning them into habits that become second nature.

Confidence is a skillset for project managers like planning, scheduling and control. It is essential that we cultivate it as we see to develop other skills. The issue will confidence, is the development of it, is not by a book, but by experience and self-learning. Let’s go get it and harness the positive re-enforcement you need to develop a project confidence that others can benchmark from.

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