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My name is Liam and I am a Volunteer! Yes, you read it right and I have been a volunteer with the Project Management Institute (PMI and for the last 16 years. Let me give you my history:

  • Nov 2002 – I arrived to a PMI Ireland ( Chapter General Meeting and got duly elected to the PMI Ireland Board / Committee. It really wasn’t that hard as the Committee was requiring 8 members and 5 people attended the General Meeting
  • June 2003 – I founded my own project, program and portfolio consultancy firm called Turlon & Associates (
  • Jan 2006 – I was elected as Vice-Chair / President to service the PMI Ireland Chapter and became a part of the Executive Board. We strengthened relations with various external organisations as well as the promotion of internal chapter events and networking session that saw our membership grow year on year
  • Jan 2008 – I was duly elected to the position of Chair / President of the PMI Ireland Chapter and took my first meeting with a 15-member committee with a strong ethic of volunteering. We grew the chapter nationally and internationally and were one of the first chapters to attend the inaugural Region 8 PMI meeting.
  • Jan 2010 – I took the role of Past Chair for the PMI Ireland Chapter and spread headed the PMI Global conference coming to our bran new convention center ( in Dublin. We saw over 2,000 project management professionals in Dublin with over 200 volunteers from the Irish chapter assisting.
  • Jan 2012 – I was invited, interview and accepted the role as part of the Broad Volunteer A
  • dvisory Committee (BVAC) with the PMI Global Volunteering Structure. The primary function of this board was to serve the PMI Board of Directors on the governance and structures with volunteering and succession.
  • Jan 2014 – I was elected as the Chair for the BVAC group which is a prestigious and noteworthy position within PMI Global as the main function is the oversight on all elements regarding PMI Volunteer Strategic Governance.
  • Jan 2015 – I was invited, interview and accepted the role as part of the Professional Awards Member Advisory Group (AMAG and pmi.or/awards) which is focused on the management, review and evaluation against the PMI branded professional awards.
  • Today – Nearly 16 years are first arriving to PMI Ireland Committee meeting oh that gloomy November evening, I have taken on a journey of volunteering that allowed me to grow professionally as well as personally, to date I have attended numerous PMI Congresses and presented on such topics as:
    • Transitioning: The Lost Art of Project Management – May 2017 – PMI Global Congress EMEA (Rome, Italy)
    • 10 Steps to transition from Project to Program Management – Oct 2014 – PMI Global Congress Proceedings – Phoenix, Arizona, USA
    • Practicing Agile in Large Projects – May 2014 – PMI Global Congress Proceedings – Dubai, UAE
    • The Hidden Skills of the Project Manager – Oct 2013 – PMI Global Congress North America 2013, New Orleans, USA
    • Project Management Use of Cloud Collaboration – May 2011 – PMI Global Congress EMEA 2011 (Dublin Ireland)
    • Reactive project change management – May 2005 – PMI Global Congress EMEA (Edinburgh, Scotland)

It has been a journey and a very worthwhile one but my time has come to depart as I serve my final year on the AMAG, I also serve my final year as a PMI volunteer. People often ask me if they should volunteer with PMI and I say yes (and no). It will be a yes, if you can answer the following for yourself:

  1. You can see a value to what you do professionally
  2. You are willing to get involved without an invitation
  3. Your curiosity is not your profession but how others use your profession

Volunteering with PMI …. Thank you for being a friend.

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