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This is an article for the Project Management Certification purist and for those that are looking at the Project Management Professional Exam (PMP) for 2021. To that, we are offering a number of things that can help and support you:

  1. Our free PMP Application assistance is available to you from [email protected]
  2. We are running our popular Virtual PMP® Exam Preparation Course starting on 11th Feb
  3. Finally, our database of questions (over 900 sample exam questions) are available to you on

In a nutshell, the new PMP exam will require you to have a blended appreciation of how to deliver a project About half of the examination will represent predictive project management approaches and the other half will represent agile or hybrid approaches.

The exam is broken under three areas:

  • People (42%) where there is a focus on communication practices, dealing with conflict as well as your ability to engage, motivate and get the best out of people
  • Process (50%) which focuses on how to deliver a project from the inception of the business case, through to a charter, planning and understanding requirements, doing and controlling the work and finally understand what was delivered
  • Business Environment (8%) is about keeping the value / benefit of the project to the fore as the project is delivered. Focusing on benefits, organisation positioning as well as value delivery.

As Turlon & Associates is an Authroised Training Partner (ATP), will the Project Management Institute (PMI), we will be supplying you will all the materials, models and methodsto understand the above. The key element to the new PMP® exam is to understand the project delivery model. How to deliver a project.

There are four take-away’s that we have learnt as we have delivered our courses over the past 3 months:

  1. The New PMP Exam is BIGGER which means that you need a model to understand how to deliver. It is impossible to memorise the content, it is about understanding the content
  2. Agile is a MUST as half of the questions on the exam will be about agile and hybrid approaches. Therefore you must have both knowledge and experience of what it’s like to work in these environments.
  3. The new PMP Exam will be EASIER as once you understand the project delivery model, then it is about applying the content. In the past, some of the content was not applicable.
  4. The support is BETTER from PMI as the materials provided are more inclusive. Forget about the PMBOK and work with your ATP to source the materials you need.

Lastly, there is a new look to the exam with the following

  • 180 questions (the previous exam was 200) but the same number of questions will be scored
  • 230 minutes to complete the exam, so this is 10 minutes less but there is now one additional break for a total of two 10-minute breaks for computer-based tests.
  • Lastly, questions will be a combination of multiple-choice, multiple responses, matching, hotspot and limited fill-in-the-blank.

So overall, you read it right, we believe the exam in easier but there is an onus on the participant to understand and participate in how to understand project delivery rather than learn for the sake of learning. We are here to help, so do feel free to reach out.

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