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The mantra behind a successful project is one that meet business requirements, is delivered and maintained on schedule, delivered and maintained within budget and delivers the expected business value and return on investment. This is not too much to ask for and it got us thinking here in the office of Turlon & Associates (, of the best and greatest projects we have seen in Ireland over the last 10 years. Our criteria for selecting these projects is not the size, nor the complexity but it is those projects that we believe that have offered the most Business Value to Ireland Inc.

So here is our BEST projects during the last decade:

  1. Wild Atlantic Way (plan delivered 2019) was established as a means of turning around negative visitation and market share trends in key international markets. A core objective of the Wild Atlantic Way is to help move Ireland and in particular the West of Ireland from a place to come “someday” to a “must visit now” destination. This was realised in abundance from 2015 – 2019 and can be classified as a real project success
  2. The Dublin Tech Scene (ongoing but delivered in stages during 2010 – 2020) brings an incredibly eclectic and multicultural community that gives Dublin an exciting energy. Dublin boasts the EMEA headquarters for the likes of Google, Facebook, Slack, LinkedIn, Dropbox, and Zendesk, as well as plenty of budding startups. Dublin is their home for plenty of reasons and not just the favorable tax environment.
  3. Ryanair Brand (the growth from 2010 to 2020). The no-frill Ryanair showed during 2010 that the airlines traffic was 72 million passengers with an average fare at just €39 and no fuel surcharges, despite a sharp increase in fuel costs. Now in 2020, Ryanair took a 75% stake in Austrian airline Laudamotion and the passengers have gone in excess of 140 million per year. The pattern of growth is phenomenal keep true to its brand and culture
  4. Trinity College Campus (major deliverable’s during 2018 / 2019). Trinity College is responsible for the planning and development of the university’s buildings and sites and for the operation and maintenance of the university’s buildings, sites and facilities in a very restricted environment. What comes with this is maintenance of a historical landmark and to keep tradition and value. During the last decade, the building have been added, increase in visitor experience and the upholding of wonderful academic facilities
  5. Limerick GAA Development (landmark delivery in 2018). Limerick Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) put a plan in place to improve GAA in Limerick City and County with an increased participation in school showing an improvement from under 20% to over 50%.This has brought success and a generation of young skille
    d players and shows how hurling in the county has been boosted. The project went about changing how kids are introduced to the sport, the facilities that have been built and is a perfect example of how projects should work.
  6. The City of Belfast (delivery from 2014 onwards). Belfast is a city the rise. Among all the cultural and political changes to this great city, major redevelopment are being done to propel Belfast into the future as one of Europe’s best cities to live in. At the center of this is the Large-Scale Redevelopment of the Titanic Quarter which is boasting a district in Belfast to match no other.

As we look forward, we are now looking to Project Ireland 2040 and this is the country’s long-term strategy to make Ireland a better country for all those that live, visit and do business here. Project Ireland 2040 is about how investment is made in our infrastructure by moving away from the approach of the past, which saw public investment spread too thinly and investment decisions. Project Ireland 2040 is about transforming the way we operate to supports business and communities across all of Ireland. Lets makes the next 20 years even greater.

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