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It is the season of thinking ahead and seeing what the wish list for 2018 should be. It is time to dream, make wishes and most importantly attempt to realise the wishes and dreams. How many of us have made these wishes to find a great sense of momentum at the offset, great desire in the short term and then an easy run in to the halting point of where we realise that what we wished for was not actually the dream we wanted. So why now, as we count down the last few days of 2017, identify the wish, begin to dream the dream and also let’s make the dream come true in 2018.

To do this, here are some tips and guides for all of us dream-wanter’s to fulfil the fantasy and make those 2018 wishes come through:

  1. Allow yourself to dream: – While this may sound very simple, not a lot of us give ourselves the chance to dream or even want to dream. How many times have you heard, it will never come through or what a waste of time, etc.? Not here but you do need to give yourself full permission to believe in the possibility of your wishes coming true. It has been shown continually that there is a direct link between optimism and success. Those who are more optimistic about life are more likely to land themselves with greater opportunities. Why you might ask, because those with a greater level of optimism are more likely to pursue their dreams and make them a reality
  1. Don’t be greedy and just dream one dream: – If you want to realise what you dream, you will need all the energy to make it come true. Let’s take a principle from the world of Kanban and limit what is going on and rather than dreams loads, dream a little and turn that dream into a reality. Spending energy on multiple wishes at once will prevent you from giving any one wishes your full attention, thereby decreasing the likelihood of any wish coming true.
  2. Define what you want and focus on the outcome rather than the how-to: – You need to have a clear understanding of your true wish before making it come true. This require a clarity of thought, and understanding of purpose and more importantly a focus on what you actually want to change. This is not about doing something for the sake of doing it, it is really about doing something that you wish for and possibly in turn change something about your existence. Visual this change and define what this change is to you. After telling yourself your wish, you should feel happy and a sense of purpose. If you don’t, then you can’t see of visualise the wish to the extent of where you can see and understand the change
  3. Develop your wish / dream in a positive frame of mind: – When we wish and dream, very often it can be at the expense of solving a problem or turning a negative into a neutral. For example, I would like to change job to get out of my current environment, that is essentially a negative wish as it focuses the mind to trying to solve the current problem. Fulfilling a wish, especially within a short amount of time, requires a considerable amount of positive energy. If you wish for something negative, you’ll inevitably cut down the amount of positive thought and action surrounding that wish, making it even harder to focus on and ultimately fulfil.
  4. Focus on the future: – There’s nothing you can do to change the past, so unfortunately, there’s no use in wishing to change something that already happened. Instead, your wish should focus on something you want to see happen in the short to medium term. The more you look into the past and what could have been done differently, the more you will anchor to those past events and probably not realise the future dreams. Look to the future and dream in the future rather than trying to correct or amend the events of the past.
  5. Take a step into the future with action and intent: – Unfortunately, merely thinking about your wish won’t make it come true. You need to put some tangible effort toward your making your wish and dream a reality so don’t be afraid to push it along. View the act of making your wish as a starting point and the fulfilment of your wish as an end point. The space in between is a path you’ll need to travel.
  6. Don’t give up: – Even if you make a realistic wish, it is hard to predict if it will come true or not, so don’t give up at the first attempt. Don’t be discouraged, and don’t let the disappointment of first (or second) attempt failure dissuade you from going the full distance. As a colleague once said, we often give up when we are near the summit but still can’t see the reward. Avoid this downward spiral by immediately turning your attention toward positive thought and action, rather than allowing yourself to dwell on the feeling of disappointment.

Please dream, please make a wish and here is hoping (from us all at Turlon & Associates … that 2018 is the year your wishes become a reality. Happy 2018


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