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As we look to the future of the economy, the continual rise of the gig economy is one that we need to embrace. The basis of a Gig Economy is where online platforms will match the supply and demand of work in a range of areas, on a short-term and payment-by-task basis. While companies such as Microsoft, Spotify, Amazon and Airbnb offer varied services through digital platforms, they all have one thing in common in that they will provide a service on a payment by task or service basis. Let’s take an example of the recent advent of Cloud-based Consumption companies, which Microsoft is a leader of, the more you increase your cloud consumption the more revenue they make. This is the simple ethos of a Gig Economy.

The Gig Economy is meant to be innovative with its use of technology to facilitate on-demand needs and services. Post COVID19 and even during the pandemic, such innovative technological initiatives are the accepted norm and will they continue post-COVID19 …. For sure they will. And we should all become part of this Gig Economy by embracing the concept of becoming a Gig Worker within in. During COVID19, the most obvious outcome of this has been the growth of virtually. Where our normal office / working arrangement differs from the norm. We are now more sustainable, versatile and we role from one Gig to the next Gig … if this is you are a Gig Worker in the Gig Economy  

A Gig Worker is more of a Freelancer and there are many different ideas and opinions about what Gig Workers are or what they do. You have freelancers, Gig Workers, entrepreneurs, consultants, contract workers, independent workers, and so on. So how can you make yourself to be a successful Gig Worker? After 17 years as a freelancer, here are some of my secrets to becoming and remaining a successful Gig Worker:

  1. Keep Your Skills Sharp: – Even if you’ve been doing it for years, get out there and invest in your skills and stay tuned for new ideas and ways of thinking
  2. Network until you are sick of it: – Get your name out there and do not rely on that one contract or job. Start your network by attending conferences, connecting with industry leaders on social media, and joining established communities.

  3. Build Your Portfolio of Clients and Organisation
    : – It is very easy to relax with one client and take your foot off the pedal. Whether you’ve been in the industry for a year or a decade, you should be adding to your personal portfolio of clients and contacts from the moment you walk into a new gig, and should continue until you walk out the door to the next gig.
  4. Set Remote Work Hours: – Gig Workers inevitably spend long periods of time working remotely. It is part and parcel of the job, and remote work has its own challenges. Set clear, consistent working hours from the get-go to save yourself from stressful, late-night sessions.
  5. Keep Communications Clear: – Good communication is the best tool a Project Gig Worker has. Making it clear and concise and you will always be successful
  6. Be of Value to Others and Not Yourself: – The only way to understand what to deliver is to have a clear grasp of the client values. Always deliver on these values and constantly align to them. Don’t be rude and think you know it all.

While the Gig Worker classification has yet to become a mainstream concept, this is something we are all bound to experience post-COVID19. Organisations, especially those in on-demand businesses, should watch carefully to see where this idea goes, and whether it is picked up or not as a job classification.

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