Project Management Services

Whether you need a little … or a lot of help with your program or project, we have the expertise to get you “up and running” with our Project Management consulting services. There are a variety of ways we can provide effective project management services for you:
  • Project Review and Recovery – Is your portfolio, program or project on the road to failure or already failed? With our experience team of Program / Project Managers, we can help in rescuing your project and get it back on track!
  • Provide Project Management Office (PMO) Expertise – We will make your PMO a success by providing the following benefits:
    Increase the efficiency of your Program/Project Management Team by helping to build the appropriate PMO model
    Provide support for your organisation’s PMO
    Deliver program / project training to your PMO stakeholders to increase performance
    Create and implement new process and procedures to increase the efficiency of your PMO
  • Program/Project Management Support – Using our valued knowledge base, we can provide you with the expertise you need to support and implement the project plans, mentor your staff, and improve your project management disciplines. We will support you with:
    Project/Program Managers Services
    Program Management Support
    Portfolio Management Support
    Schedule Management Support
    Project Change Management Support
  • Project Maturity Assessment – We work with our clients to assess the current level of maturity, develop an achievable improvement plan, and support the implementation of the recommendations. We will work with you on:
    Assessing your organisation’s current project delivery capability and project management maturity level
    Develop recommendations and an implementation roadmap for short and long-term process improvement activities
    Implementation support to ensure the recommendations achieve the result
    re-assess maturity to ensure advancements are made

Capability Development

Sometimes it is easy to think that that certification is the answer to developing capability in your project managers, but it’s better to take a step back from that. While sending project managers on courses is definitely an option, you need to pick the right courses – the ones that will address the gaps in your capability and help your project managers build their skills in a way that equips them to deal with the challenges. We work with our client to understand what capabilities that need to be worked on. We use a six step approach in working with organisations to understand capabilities and then develop them:


  1. Understand current methods of practice and talk to key stakeholders to define problem areas
  2. Work with the project management community in understanding needs, challenges and areas for improvement
  3. Analyse the results and determine a path forward that encompasses needs and improvements
  4. Formalise a capability development framework for your organisation
  5. Develop a dedicated training plan for each of the individuals to develop their competency
  6. Capability changes over time. The plan as we put it together today might not be appropriate in six months. We build in feedback loops so that everyone understands the value of keeping the capability assessment / plan up to date and fresh.

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