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As part of our series of blogs on developing a healthier mind and body for project managers, we believe that a three model of will work:-

· Action:- Stand up and commit to taking the action to the healthier mind and healthier body

· Sustain:- Adjust and take on board the change

· Improve:- Reducing dependencies to get you across the finish line.

So right now we are at the Action Step and the author Liam Dillon ( has decided to commit to the ASI model with the intent of qualifying for Bostin Marathon in 2018. To do this Liam will have to run a sub 3 hours and 25 minutes to achieve this.

Breaking it down:

1. Action:- Undertake a Marathon training program with the objective of being in the shape to break my own personal best of 3:27. To achieve this, I am using from Asics. This is a free training program developed by Asics, which fit just about every requirement I want for a training program. It allows for marathon, half-marathon, 10k and 5k training plans. The other interesting feature of this ASICS app is that it constantly adapts according to your recorded workouts. It will automatically track your distance and time. Then it may increase the intensity of the next run, based on the performances of the last.

2. Sustain:- Adjust and take on board the change. There are a number of bad-eating habits I want to eliminate. Namely:

  • Unneeded late night snacking,
  • Compulsive eating even when not hungry,
  • Unneeded snacking during meals.

Some of these habits can result in consuming unneeded calories and are unhealthy choices. Often this may not be because I am hungry, but because of boredom, tiredness or just simply lack of restraint. Trying to banish evening cravings and curb after-dinner snacking is essential for the success of this program.

3. Improve:- I am going to use this as a metric and the simply metric here is weight. I am currently weighing in at 120kg and to run a successful marathon, I would like to reach a weight of 105 kg. While some analyst say losing weight is counter-productive to running a good marathon, my own belief is that losing weight is essential for me running a good marathon. I am using Happy Scales ( to help and track this.

This is my program for the next nine months and you can follow all the action on, this dedicated Facebook page will provide all updates as we go along. For me qualification for Boston Marathon is a great target. Not only does one need to qualify for this, but it is one of the oldest and most prestigious running events in the world. While gaining qualification would be spectacular, the thought of being able to line up on the start-line in Boston would be phenomenal. One must always dream in order to reach one’s primary targets.

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